The Best Wineries in Hudson Valley

For those who love wine, visiting wineries is likely one of your favorite hobbies. You can attend wine tastings that often showcase new bottles that the winery is working on and receive a first look of what’s to come. The entire atmosphere is also often relaxing and indulgent. This can make for a great vacation either on the weekend or even for a week. Hudson Valley has long been held as a beautiful area. Many hikers like to utilize it in order to appreciate nature’s splendor. However, the area also features a ton of wineries due to the Hudson’s Valley fertile land that’s ripe for vineyards. To make sure that you only visit the best, this article will list the ones that you must include on your visit.

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1. Adair Vineyards

One of the first wineries that you should stop and visit is Adair Vineyards. This beautiful winery spans over 10 acres. You’re invited to take a walk through the vineyards even with your pet. So, if you feel up for a hike, yourself, do so with your favorite animal through the spanning field of grapes. As for the winery itself, Adair Vineyards specializes with the following types of wine: Seyval Blanc, Vignoles, Moch, and Millot. They currently produce 20,000 bottles but they’re looking to expand their production. Besides just offering wine tasting, you can also head down to their production line and see exactly how their wine is made.

2. Brotherhood Winery

Another must-have on your winery tour list in the Hudson Valley is the Brotherhood Winery. This location is unique because it’s America’s oldest winery. The business was founded in 1839 and has been running ever since. As you might expect, they offer an expansive list of wines including Chardonnays, Cabernet Sauvignons, and Merlots. They don’t stop there either as they also produce sangrias and meads. This location is an excellent choice for those who love wine and history.

3. Benmarl Winery

For those who want to do a bit of wine tasting and then rest at the winery itself, you should consider the Benmarl Winery. They offer wine tastings, tours, and a guest house to stay in when you’re tired. One of the coolest features of this vineyard is the festivals they regularly host. Be sure to visit during the grape stomping festival!

Where to Stay in the Heart of Hudson Valley
You have many different options when it comes to finding a place to stay in Hudson Valley. If you want to be close to one of these fantastic wineries, we recommend staying at a bed and breakfast such as Saint Hubert’s Lodge and Club to enhance your overall stay. Otherwise, there are many different hotel and accommodations that you can find in the Hudson Valley region.

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