Take a Wildlife Tour Through Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is one of the most naturally beautiful places. The nature in Jackson Hole attracts thousands of tourists and locals each year. Visitors flock to Jackson Hole to observe wildlife first hand and it’s a place that has some of the most unique species. From mammals to a range of birds and fish, visitors from all around come to explore the natural beauty of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Whether you’re looking to explore animals on land or a range species in the water, here are the best ways to take a nature tour in Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris

02_Pronghorn-in-the-spring-TenleyThompson_636x431-300x203Explore Grand Teton National Park on a Jackson Hole Wildlife Safari. On sunrise and sunset safari tours, visitors can also explore National Elk Refuge, which extends more than 24,700 acres of grassy meadows and marshes. On these tours, guests can expect to see bison, elk, moose, and even catch a glimpse of a bald eagle.

Jackson Hole Eco Tour Adventures

Jackson Hole  Eco Tour Adventures offers Grand Teton Eco-Tour Adventures, Yellowstone Adventures, and Winter Wildlife Adventures. Eco tours are a great way to see nature while also leaving little impact on your surroundings. You can observe and appreciate the true beauty of Jackson Hole by taking an eco tour.

Backcountry Safaris

Lastly, you can explore the natural wonder of Jackson Hole on land with Backcountry Safaris. You can explore Yellowstone, taeka photography safari, or take a sunrise or sunset safari, which provides optimal conditions for viewing wildlife in Jackson Hole.

Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole

jackson-hole-fly-fishingIf you’re ever a little tired of exploring what’s on land in Jackson Hole, give fly fishing a shot. Jackson Hole is home to many waterways, rivers, and lakes that are perfect for any fisherman. Even if you don’t consider yourself an angler, it’s fun to get out on the water and try something new. Jackson Hole has 13 rivers with plenty of marine wildlife to explore.

This is guest post was contributed by Bentwood Inn, a Jackson Hole bed and breakfast.

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