Why I’m Uber Happy with Uber

Vacationing in North Myrtle Beach during the summer has been a family tradition for us. We stay at the same vacation rental house by the beach and virtually spend the entire month going around the city for the major attractions. This year is a bit different since Uber came into the picture. For residents of San Francisco and New York City, Uber is old news. But in North Myrtle Beach, it’s making a big scene on the road.

If you still don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, Uber is a rideshare program that has private cars and drivers taking the role of taxi cabs. Anyone with a license and a car can apply to be an Uber driver. Through their app, passengers request for a ride and pay for the fare through this mode as well. It’s heralded to be much cheaper than local taxis.

uber taxi

Naturally, taxi companies are not happy about the new competition that can imminently destroy their business. But as a vacationer like me who doesn’t have my own car, it’s great to have an alternative to expensive cabs. And from my experience, the service is much faster with less waiting time. The ride also feels like it’s free because I already registered my credit card to the app. In and out. I don’t need to worry about getting my wallet from my purse and looking for change. And so far, the drivers I’ve met are friendly and professional, and do this for fun.

The market is now saturated with travel technology and apps that I seriously have ignored most of them. But having Uber on my phone is a practical thing to have with me, especially when I need a ride any time of the day or night. A map lets me know of the location of the drivers and if there’s anyone nearby. It’s great, isn’t it? Just a push of a button and a car will show up for me. I’m sure I’ll be using Uber most of the time now while on vacation or even back in my hometown.

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