Water Skiing: A Brief History

In 1922, a man named Ralph Samuelson used two boards as skis and a long clothesline as a tether to invent the sport of water skiing. For many years, the sport was not widely practiced. But later, in 1966, Samuelson traveled all the way from the Great Lakes of Michigan to the gulfs of Florida performing water skiing shows. Shortly afterwards, the American Water Ski Association was formed and noted Samuelson as the very first water skier. At this point, pontoon boats were not fast enough to pull skiers.

Samuelson didn’t stop there. He also developed a variety of positions in which one can ski. The most successful one is the one that all water skiers avidly practice today: learning back with back straight and the front of the skis elevated off the surface of the water. Ralph also was the first ski jumper. On his first jump, he used greased skis that were four feet in length. He was also the first ski racer and the first to slalom ski. Pontoon boat manufacturers like Manitou Pontoon Boats were still making innovations to increase their speed in order to pull skiers. You can see from the manufacturer’s website that they’ve certainly come a long way. After these many successes, he went on to travel for the next 15 years to teach others how to water ski and to perform shows. After his travels were finished, he did the unthinkable. He was pulled behind a WWI flying boat at 80 miles per hour. This made him the first speed skier.

Strangely enough, Samuelson never patented any of his ski designs. However, a man named Fred Waller developed and sold the first skis available for purchase called Akwa-Skees. He also created the first trick skis, which were shorter and had no fins, and put them on the market in 1940.

Since then, water skiing has gone on to be a top water sport. Many water ski competitions formed and were eventually combined. It was even included in the 1972 Olympics. In 1974, the first National Ski Tournament was held. Later, competitions for people with disabilities were added in 1989. Hani Audah created the first water ski made out of fiber at SPORT labs in 2001. As the sport gains more popularity in current times, many more innovations in ski equipment and many other ski stunts have been achieved. And now, today, pontoon boats have enough horsepower to pull skiers and others who pursue water sports.

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