Which Virigin Island is Right for Me?

Choosing which U.S. Virgin Island is right for you can be tough. The U.S. Virgin Islands are mixed with the British Virgin Islands, making the international boarder a little tough to understand. Nevertheless, each island has something unique about it that separates it from the next. While you can travel from island to island, choosing which one to stay on depends on the type of person you are. The beautiful cluster of paradise U.S. islands have three main islands, including smaller surrounding islands. Each island has something for everyone to enjoy.

We break down the specifics of the islands and which Virgin Island might be best for you:

St. Thomas

St. Thomas is probably the busiest U.S. Virgin Island. It has one of the most popular cruise ports and an airport for travelers, which as you might imagine, brings in a sea of people every day. It’s the most crowded and most commercialized of the main U.S. Virgin Islands. Here, you can find restaurants, countless jewelry shops, golf courses, and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Though St. Thomas is more crowded than other nearby islands, this is a tourist’s dream.

This island is for you if: You enjoy the hustle and bustle of tourism along with popular attractions, like the St. Thomas Skyride to Paradise Point. You love to shop and enjoy new adventures.

St. John

2010-10-18_10-37-36St. John is a peaceful U.S. Virgin Island known for its lush greenery and magnificant scenery you can’t find anywhere else. The island is not as crowded as St. Thomas, allowing those who wish for a truly remote and relaxing vacation to get away from tourists. Two-thirds of the island are protected as a U.S. National Park, which also proves that the island has more of a “remote” feel than others. It has quiet beaches, beautiful coral reefs, scenic driving routes, natural walking trails, and old plantation ruins to explore. Becuase it’s less populated, public transit is not as readily available, but commuting by bike or foot is actually just what you need on this naturally beautiful island. There are plenty of St. John villas, vacation homes, and condo rentals to be found along the island through CimmaronStJohn.

This island is for you if: You want a truly relaxing, tranquil Virgin Islands vacation. If you don’t like crowds and you want to escape the tourist attractions. If you enjoy hiking, biking, or snorkeling off of beautiful beaches and enjoying the natural scenery all around you.

St. Croix

jost-van-dykeThis island, similar to St. John, avoids much of the tourism that the U.S. Virgin Islands attract. It’s often overlooked, but it’s actually the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands with plenty of attractions (golf courses included). It never feels to crowded, yet there are plenty of things to do. What sets St. Croix apart from the others is that it retains a sense of history and culture. Some British influence is noticeable on this particular island. It’s known for its scuba diving sites, walking tours through historic homes, and cultural events and festivals.

This island is for you if: You are more interested in the culture and history of the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving, as well.

These three islands are the main islands that are worth visiting while at the U.S. Virgin Islands. Each with beautiful scenery and attractions specific to your interests, choose one that will be best for you on your Virgin Islands vacation.

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