Vacationing in Charleston vs Folly Beach

South Carolina is known for its beautiful shoreline, tropical like beaches and unique islands. It is no wonder that people would want to visit this amazing U.S. state. But where should you stay once you’re there? There are so many unique cities along the shoreline that are perfect for vacationing, but which one is the best? Well, that is hard to say because it depends on what you want from your vacation. Here we will compare two amazing cities, Charleston and Folly Beach, so you can easily choose your next vacation spot.

Why visit Charleston?


Charleston is a beautiful, historic city right on the coast of South Carolina. There is so much to discover and enjoy in Charleston. Here are just the top five things to do and see in Charleston:

  1. Visit Fort Sumter: Stand right where the Civil War began.
  2. Visit South Carolina Aquarium: Charleston’s #1 family attraction.
  3. Visit Calhoun Mansion: Charleston’s largest private home and house museum.
  4. Go on a Palmetto Carriage Works tour: The oldest carriage company in the city.
  5. Go on a Crafted Travel tour: Charleston’s best drinking tour.

Why visit Folly Beach?


Also known as the “Edge of America,” Folly Beach is rich with history, beaches, and good food. You really can’t go wrong with visiting this beautiful town. Here are the top five things to do and see in Folly Beach:

  1. Kayaking: Kayak in the waters near Folly Beach.
  2. Sailing: There are sailing charters that will take you through the clear waters on a sailboat.
  3. Catch a wave: Go surfing, or learn how to surf off the beautiful shore.
  4. Visit Wild Blue Ropes Adventure park: Take on all sorts of rope obstacles like climbing, swinging, balancing, and more.
  5. Get the family photo taken: There are many photographers who work on the beaches. What better backdrop for your Christmas cards?

As you can see both of these cities are amazing, and can easily be your next dream vacation spot. If you are looking to vacation in Charleston or Folly Beach then check out Folly’s Best Rentals. They have beautiful vacation rentals in both Charleston and Folly Beach so you can choose whichever you like best.

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