A Traveling Notary’s Trip Through Western New York

After becoming a mobile notary a few years ago as a way to make a few extra dollars outside of my day job as video professional, it’s taken me to some interesting parts of New York. Recently I was in Syracuse visiting some friends for a week and some jobs rolled in and as a mobile notary I couldn’t resist the opportunity to visit some parts of the state that I’d never been to – namely Rochester and the Finger Lakes. There are moments I’m glad I was able to become a New York notary, and thankful that I can get New York notary supplies while I’m on the road!

Rochester, New York

Being from the East side of the state I guess I grew up thinking that there wasn’t anything worth seeing in the Western reaches of New York, but I was pleasantly surprised by Rochester. First, the city is a lot bigger than I’d anticipated. It even has a bit of a skyline with the Xerox building and a few other fairly large buildings around town. It wasn’t the most pristine time of year to visit, but there were some nice areas with cool shops like the Park Avenue area. If I could be 23 years old again I think I would like getting an apartment on that street and bouncing around all of the little neighborhood shops and restaurants. The other very cool surprise was the High Falls part of town. I was completely unaware that Rochester had a very large waterfall downtown. How cool is that?

high falls rochester ny

The Finger Lakes

Between Syracuse and Rochester lies a series of well known lakes known as the Finger Lakes. Unknown to me was that this area is a pretty prolific wine producing area. Me and a couple of friends decided to create an impromptu wine tour and fortunately with a pregnant woman on board we had a designated driver that took us to more than a dozen very tasty wineries. The whites are better than the reds in this area, but what a fabulous place to spend a long weekend on a lake enjoying wine? This is a place I will certainly be visiting again!

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