How Should You Travel This Summer?

It’s June, and that means if you don’t have summer vacation plans yet, it’s time to start booking. Forget flying in a plane. Take a vacation that will really let you see and experience your surroundings. Planes are nice, if you’re trying to get somewhere fast. But whatever happened to good old fashioned road trips or train rides? What about taking the ferry or a cruise? The benefits of taking a slower mode of transportation means you’re traveling while on vacation. Cruises let you see islands and coastal areas around you. Train rides have stops along the way to see nature and explore. Road trips basically mean you get to plan wherever you stop and go. It’s all about experience, not traveling just to get nowhere fast.

By Train

Train ride options expand far and wide when it comes to where you want to travel and what you want to see. Train destinations can be as little as a few days to a couple weeks. America by Rail lets travelers see parts of North America they may have never thought existed.

With sleeping cars and dining accommodations, vacations by train are comfortable and exciting. Trains let us see beyond the road—through the mountains and through wooded landscapes of color and wildlife. Some train excursions also take passengers to National Parks and small towns you’d never thought to visit.

By Car

Road trips offer a high amount of flexibility. You’re not tied down to an itinerary. Though you’ll run into traffic sometimes, road trips are exciting and provide unlimited travel ideas along the way. You can stop when you want and eat when you want.

The downside to road trips is the cost. You’ll have to fill up on gas frequently and if your car breaks down, it could set back your vacation time. To prevent this, invest in renting a car, so if any hiccups occur along the road, you can call your rental service to handle any car troubles.

By Water

This is one of the most relaxing alternatives. Travel by ferry or cruise ship. It’s slow moving, but there’s usually plenty to do on a boat, especially a cruise. Cruises accommodate for travelers looking to experience more beyond a boat—nearby islands and resorts for day trips or overnight stays make this travel experience feel like a real vacation.

Boats will dock and let passengers explore nearby cities and small towns, and when it’s time to return, you can move onto the next place.

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