Take a Train Vacation to Branson, Missouri

Take a train vacation to Branson, Missouri.

Did you know that Branson, Missouri is within a day’s drive for 50 percent of the U.S. population? Due to its proximity and attractions along Highway 76, Branson has become a popular tourist destination for people from all regions of the country.  Known as a “rubber tire” destination, the majority of visitors to Branson arrive by cars, RVs and tour buses. However, not all of the tourists come on wheels! Another popular, and more romanticized, way to travel is by rail tours. Companies such as America by Rail offer Branson tours that take visitors directly to Branson. They also provide tours to many other desirable destinations scattered across the country.

Visitors many use all kinds of transportation to get to Branson, but what do they all do when they arrive? Below are five popular visitor attractions with rave reviews worth checking out while in town.

  1. Historic Marvel Cave–  Opened to the public in 1894, this underground attraction captivates guests’ attention with spectacular structures and natural beauty. The cave got its original name, Marble Cave, from explorers who thought one of the cave walls was solid marble. Locals say the lantern light tour is a must!
  2. Silver Dollar City– You’ll step back in time when you visit this unique late 19th century themed amusement park. They offer demonstrations like glass-blowing and metal works, rides including the Silver Dollar Line Steam Train and The Flooded Mine, bluegrass and craft festivals, dinner shows aboard the Showboat Branson Belle, and much more for the whole family to enjoy.
  3. Hollywood Wax Museum: Opened in 1965, the Hollywood Wax Museum only holds celebrity figures. There are more than just wax figures of celebrities on the red carpet too! They have wax replicas from popular movies as well as classic superstars.
  4. Mount Pleasant Winery: Have your very own wine tasting and bottling experience at the Mount Pleasant Winery, opened in 2008.
  5. World’s Largest Toy Museum: For the kids, and kids at heart, this destination is sure to make you smile and reminisce over simpler days. The museum’s massive toy collection includes vintage lunchboxes, stuffed animals, dolls, toy soldiers, classic trains, cap guns, wind-up toys and more. Some items even date back to the 1800s! Go on a tour to get the history behind certain exhibits, or take a self-guided one to look and linger at your leisure. Nostalgia guaranteed!
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