Tourist Things to Do in Maui

“Ohana means family, and family means that no one gets left behind, or forgotten.” The perfect place to celebrate Ohana is in Hawaii. Maui is in a unique location in Hawaii that offers activities that you can only do in that location. Millions of people dream about vacationing on a Hawaiian island. If you get the chance to travel to Maui, here is a touristy guide for your trip.

Helicopter ride: Maui has so much beauty all over the island, and not all places can be accessed by foot to discover its beauty. That is why tourists go on helicopter rides to see as much beauty as they can. Guests who take helicopter rides have the choice of seeing volcanoes, waterfalls, cliffs, and more!

Zipline: Another hot tourist attraction is to go ziplining through the beautiful forests and tropical gardens of Maui. Kids love this activity so keep that in mind if you are planning a family trip to Maui. This is a great way to see Hawaii through an aerial view instead of the helicopter ride.

Snorkeling: Maui is the number one island to go snorkeling on Hawaii. Guests have plenty of options of where to snorkel around Maui. Some top places to snorkel are Turtle Town, which is a hot spot to see turtles, and Five Caves, which has an underwater volcano.

Luau: Maui has the most luau activities than any other island of Hawaii. Luaus are a tradition in Hawaii and they celebrate a Hawaiian feast along with dancing and music. Check out the different kinds of Maui luaus here.

Beaches: There is no way that you could go to Hawaii and not go to one of their beautiful beaches. Some popular beaches in Maui are Makena Beach State Park, Hamoa beach, Koki beach, Honomanu bay, and Ka’anapali beach. Ka’anapali beach is the most popular beach on Maui because it also offers a shopping community for the beach goers.

Haleakala National Park: This park covers about 33,200 acres of mostly wilderness. There is a coastal area and a mountain area that guests can explore. At Haleakala National Park, guests have the possibility of seeing endangered species that are only in Maui.

About the Author: Sean is a guest contributor from The Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono, one of the best inns in Maui.

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