Tips for Female Solo Travelers

Modern women have been taking on the world single-handedly and are not simply confined at home anymore. They get their master’s degrees, have their own office, put up their own business—name it, and I’m sure there’s a woman involved. When it comes to traveling, more and more women have become emboldened on taking their own solo trips—and I don’t mean to the nearest store.  It has become a subtle rite of passage for some women to travel on their own to far-reaching places. In fact, a huge number of female solo travelers are baby boomers (born between 1946-1964) and single mothers. Even if you’re neither of the two, if you’re old enough to move out of your parents’ house, you can travel solo.

Think about it. No arguments on where to go with your significant other. No screaming babies. No disagreements with the siblings. You are with your best company in the world. Yourself!

But being a female solo traveler makes one more vulnerable. So before you start booking that trip you’ve always wanted to go to, here are some useful tips you MUST remember to have a stress-free vacation.

 1. Plan your itinerary. 

Even if you don’t have to answer to anybody else, you still have to make a plan for your trip. List the must-see tourist spots and landmarks and arrange them in an order based on how much you want to see them. Or, group those places according to location so you can visit them all at once. The better you plan, the more you can save on time and money.

2. Leave your valuables at home.

You don’t have to bring everything in your wallet or purse to your trip. Remove your office or school ID if you already have your driver’s license or passport for identification. Don’t bring too much cash and too many credit cards. Just bring what you need for the trip. Check out the prices of tickets and entrance fees online to get a benchmark for your budget.

3. Carry different stashes for your valuables.

I don’t really recommend money belts or travel pouches because if you lose it, you lose everything. Think of the safest places you can keep your money into like your bra or shoes, and don’t put all your money in one basket.

4. Dress conservatively.

The more skin you can cover up, the better. I have nothing against women who wear midriff shirts, but the key to safety is not to draw attention to yourself. It would also help to read up about the place beforehand so you know what’s acceptable (or normal) to them. It is still a form of respect to dress appropriately.

5. Pack lightly as much as possible.

You don’t have an extra hand to help you with your luggage so be mindful of how much you pack. If you can buy it cheap at your destination, just buy it there (and have more room for souvenirs).

Choose an ordinary purse.

6. Choose an ordinary, nondescript purse.

Unfortunately, we can’t always make a fashion statement when traveling. Don’t attract attention to your purse (or where you keep your valuables) and don’t give anyone ideas on what’s inside it! The less interesting you are, the better when traveling solo. Speaking from my own bad experience, I kept my money in a small plastic bag (the only thing I could find that time) and avoided a scary confrontation with swindlers who were trying to overcharge me. True story!

7. Switch on your phone’s international roaming.

Always touch base with your family or friends and let them know where you are. Set a particular time when they can expect your text or call. If you worry about data charges, just remember to turn off data roaming and all cellular data (for iPhones), and just rely on Wi-Fi connectivity if you can’t wait to show off your pictures on Facebook.

8. Stay at a convenient location. 

Before you book that cheap hotel or inn, read the reviews first from trustworthy travel sites. Make sure that its location is easy to find and safe day and night. If you are on a tight budget and must absolutely book a room with other backpackers, find a hostel that offers rooms for females only.

9. Trust no one.

Whether male or female, child or adult, you just can’t easily trust anyone you meet while traveling. So think twice before you entrust your DSLR camera to a nice-looking young man because you’ll just never know! Choose the right person at the right place and don’t fall for their schemes.

10. Pamper yourself. 

This is your time away from home, work or other distractions of the real life. Take a breather and do what you’ve always wanted to do when traveling without fear of judgment (or complaints). If you’d rather stay in the hotel the whole three days of the trip, so be it! It’s your choice! You can travel alone; you’re a woman empowered! Enjoy it!

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