When It’s Time To Return To Ohio


I was in Maui for nine days. The weather was perfect, the drinks were fruity and I was having a good ol’ time. It was my first trip to the island and I had met some great people and enjoyed every second of my time there. By day six I was actually starting to completely understand how so many of the locals had just come for vacation and ended up staying. It all seemed perfectly reasonable. For me, the prospect to heading back to rainy Ohio just didn’t seem like that great of an idea.

Day seven my illusion was shattered as we had a rainy, windy day and I realized that even in Hawaii you can be subject to inclement weather. To be fair, I knew it wouldn’t last long, but I was still a little disappointed that there would be a blemish on an otherwise perfect trip to that point.

On my second to last day I had a trip planned to go snorkeling. I had never snorkeled in my life, but I was very excited to do so. I brought an old digital 8 camera with me because I also had a waterproof casing that went with it. I figured I may never make it back to this beautiful a place, so if I was going snorkeling in a coral reef off of Maui I better wipe the dust off this thing and get some use out of it.

The night before I tested the camera out to make sure everything still worked. The control cable looked a little beaten up, but when I packaged up the camera in the housing and tested it out, everything seemed to be working. The only minor issue was that I didn’t realize that all the tapes in my case had been used. So I had to cycle through a few before I found one I felt comfortable taping over. I packed up my equipment and drifted off to sleep with high expectations.

By the time our catamaran hit the beach I was flat out giddy. I was going to see some amazing things I figured…and I was right. While I had some initial struggles getting the hang of snorkeling, I soon was moving well enough that I felt comfortable diving down with my camera to zoom in and get some closer up shots of some of the amazingly colorful fish and the expansive reefs beneath me. Over the course of an hour I was sure I’d have 10-15 minutes of footage to splice together that would be a lifelong keepsake.

On the way back to the hotel I couldn’t wait any longer – I had to check out some of the footage. I heard the typical whirring of the camera rewinding and when it stopped I hit play. What did I see? The original footage. Nothing had recorded. At all. My heart sunk. Somehow, some way that I still can’t explain, the camera simply failed to record. It simply rolled the tape forward. I worked in video for 7 years and never saw this happen once.

This was quite a blow as this was the highlight of the trip. At this point, it was time to go back to Ohio. Though, I suppose this does give me an excuse to head back in the future!

About the author

Elizabeth Erickson is a guest contributor who works for the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, a Hocking Hills lodging that offers bed and breakfast rooms, cabins, and cottages.

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