10 Things You’re Forgetting to Pack on a Ski Trip

If you’re new to the slopes, it’s likely that you’re forgetting a few essential items on your packing checklist. The obvious are clear–snowpants, snow boots, heavy sweaters, and large puffy coats to keep you warm. There are a few other items, however, that you’re likely overlooking when it comes to planning the perfect ski trip.

1. Sunglasses
The sun is bright and the snow is blinding, so you don’t want to forget a pair of UV protected sunglasses, espcially if you have sensitive eyes. If you notice, most professional and experiences skiiers wear sunglasses to shield their eyes from the highly-reflective snow.

2. First-Aid Kit
You never know when you might need one out on the slopes. Bring a small pack that could fit in your coat pocket or boots–something with band-aids, gauze, and a topical cream with ensure that you have some aid in case you were to cut yourself.

3. Floss
Not just for your teeth, bringing floss with you in general can help in a lot of ways. It can also act as a durable string in the need of an emergency.

4. Duct Tape
Duct tape is one of the most handy items to have, and most hikers bring it with them on the mountains, so why should skiing be any different. Duct tape can act as a “fixer” for almost anything–a hole in your pants or boots is just one example.

5. Hand and Boot Warmers
You don’t want to be freezing on the lift or on top of the mountain wtihout hand warms and toe warmers. They’re espeically handy for emergency purposes, in case you might find yourself trapped.

6. Sunscreen
You might think the beach is the only place you need sunscreen, but in fact, the sun can be brutal out on the slopes.

7. Aloe Vera Cream
If you’re one to burn a little more than others, it’s beneficial to bring a little bottle of Aloe just in case.

8. Lip Balm
With all that snow, the air is sure to be dry, so you want to be sure you bring a small stick of lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. One with SPF might do you a little good, too, considering the dangers of the sun.

9. Snowshoes
Snow boots are a must, but so are snowshoes. Bring a pair of snowshoes to walk around the snow in–normal tennis shoes won’t suffice.

10. Hydration Pack
Skiing takes a lot out of you and puts a toll on the body. Hydration packs are very popular among skiiers and hikers. Most people don’t have room for a normal water bottle, so a hydration pack makes it easy for you to store water. You can carry them in a backpack or simply on your back as is and drink straight from it.

About the Author: Kathy is a guest contribtor from GetAway Vacations, providing vacation rentals in the Killington, Vermont area.

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