Why Stay in The Busy City?

New York City is an amazing place to visit that is full of life and interesting attractions. NYC is also a destination that is tightly packed with people because space is limited. This has made it beneficial to actually get hotel rooms outside the city. There are a few reasons why you should not stay in New York City when visiting.
Hotel and Meal Prices

One of the main reasons to stay outside of NYC when visiting is the cost of lodging and meals. There is limited space in New York City and especially in Manhattan. You can usually get much better deals by staying in New Jersey or another place just outside of the city. You will find much lower hotel prices. You are also going to pay less for meals, toiletries and most other things if you are not in the city.

Getting Into the City Is Fast and Simple

Getting into New York City is actually fast and simple if you decide to take public transportation. There are many trains and subways that lead directly into the heart of Manhattan and that stretch out to every attraction in the boroughs. You could be in NYC in just around 10 to 15 minutes by taking a train. This lets you experience all of the city without having to actually stay in an inconvenient or expensive hotel.

Quiet and Privacy

The reality is that New York City can feel a little crowded. This is very true for people who are not used to living in densely populated urban areas. Staying in the city means that you are always going to be just a few feet from a stranger. You are likely to hear noises and people all night long. The lights in places like Midtown almost never go out. You might have difficulty sleeping in this situation. If you decide to stay outside of the city, then you are going to have more quiet and privacy. You will have a much better time sleeping somewhere quiet away from the bustle of New York City.

Fewer Booking Problems

It can actually be very hard to find a good hotel room near an attraction in New York City. The scarcity of rooms increases as holidays or special events get closer. Something about staying outside of NYC is that you will have fewer booking problems. You can also always find a nice hotel room in the areas outside the city and across the Hudson River. This is very helpful because it will make planning your trip to New York City much easier.

About the Author: Linda is a guest contributor from Stanton House Inn, a Greenwich bed and breakfast.

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