Spring Break with the Family in Port Aransas, Texas

With everything from gleaming museums to rugged nature trails, Port Aransas is one of the hidden gems of Texas. It’s especially great for families who are looking to take an all-ages vacation. Here are just five ways to have some fun in Port Aransas during your next vacation!

1. Hit the Beach

It isn’t spring break until you’ve enjoyed the sun and the sand, and thankfully, Port Aransas has plenty of both. There are a half-dozen beaches where you can find everything from surfing conditions to picnic grounds, and all of them are carefully maintained for visitors. The water will be clean; the sky will be blue; the experience will be divine. There are also many options for places to stay along the beach such as a vacation rental home from Mustang Island Vacation Rentals.
2. Learn About Marine Science

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute has dozens of displays, exhibits and hands-on learning experiences for guests of all ages. It also boasts an outdoor walking area where you can stroll among the birds and the turtles of the wetlands. Sign up for a tour or just explore on your own; there’s plenty to see and do at the UT Marine Science Institute, so you won’t be disappointed either way.
3. Look for Coyotes

There are so many trails at the Port Aransas Nature Preserve that it’s impossible to walk them all during one vacation. Some are easy and sedate; others are challenging and exhilarating; others still offer one-of-a-kind looks at Texan wilderness. If you choose your path carefully, you might even catch a glimpse of a coyote darting into the bushes!
4. Go Bird Watching

The Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center is home to birds of all colors, sizes, shapes and species. It also has ponds full of nibbling fish and a marsh where alligators sometimes waddle by. If you’re looking for an interactive nature experience that kids of all ages and genders will enjoy, the Birding Center is the place to be.
5. Walk the Docks

Once the kids are worn-out from sugar, travel and excitement, take a breather at Roberts Point Park. Watch the sunset from the pavilion; try to spot the dolphins frolicking in front of outgoing boats; get a fishing lesson from a local. It’s a spot of peace and tranquility, and you’ll dearly appreciate it before the long trip home.
If you’re looking for a great spring break destination for the entire family, it doesn’t get much better than Port Aransas, Texas. Book your trip today and get ready for an adventure!

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