The Spookiest Haunted B & B’s in the U.S.

Experience some spooky fun and stay at any of these haunted bed-and-breakfasts, where you can mingle with the ghosts and apparitions that roam the halls. The b & b’s are said to have “pranks” and unusual sounds from some angry and some playful spirits, just waiting to make your stay a little creepier.

Lizzie Borden Bread and Breakfast- Fall River, Massachusetts

Lizzie Borden was the prime suspect for the blood hatchet murders of her father and stepmother in 1892, but was not found guilty. This long unsolved mystery still attracts attention today, as it said that the three ghosts still haunt the house today. Guests can stay the night in the rooms where the bodies are Abby and John Borden were found or just take a tour of the house between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily. The inn even offers ghost hunger university classes and crime re-enactments. There is also a museum gift shop that sells Lizzie Bordon souvenirs.

Magnolia Mansion- New Orleans, Louisiana

The ghosts of the Magnolia Mansion are said to be playful pranksters that tend to move personal belongings, especially shoes, and photo-bomb photographs as filmy orbs. The main attraction, and where most of the spirits congregate, is the Vampire’s Lover’s Lair. The lair, modeled after the king-sized bed in Interview with a Vampire, is draped with rich gold and red fabrics on a carved wooden canopy bed. New Orleans also offers a vampire tour and moonlight strolls through the city’s famously haunted cemeteries.

Thayer’s- Annadale, Minnesota

Thayer’s offers The Ghost Hunting 101 package that includes a night at the haunted inn and class time with instructor psychic Sharon Gammell. It is said that Gus Thayer, the former landlord from the late 19th century, leaves pennies around in unusual places. Also, his wife Caroline is said to inhabit the house as well as 3 ghost kittens that can be seen and even heard purring.

The Red Garter- Williams, Arizona

The Red Garter is an old time bordello on Saloon row, restored from its former glory of the 1890’s. The inn is home to the ghost of Eve, a long haired beauty that is known to be shy. Eve only gives subtle hints of her presence and leaves guests alone for the most part. Also near the inn is the Grand canyon, only a short drive away.

General Stanton Inn- Charlestown, Rhode Island

Built in 1667, the General Staton Inn used to be a one room school for the children of Thomas Stanton. Over time, more rooms were added to the home and it became an inn after the Revolutionary War. The mansion catered to a lot of gamblers and travelers during Prohibition. The ghosts of the inn are said to be mild-mannered and guests have reported feeling the ghosts or seeing apparitions in some of the rooms.

Farnsworth House- Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg was one of the bloodiest battles fought during the Civil War, so it’s no surprise that some ghosts have stuck around long after the last gunshot. The Farnswoth House celebrates the memory of the deceased soldiers with Civil War antiques and memorable on the walls of all its rooms. The attic has guides dressed in period garb that introduce you to the ghosts of the Farnsworth House, including soldiers, a weeping nurse, a playful young boy, and a curious cat.

About the Author: Jen is a guest contributor from Captain Jefferds Inn, a homey and affordable inn located in Kennebunkport, Maine.


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