Spend Christmas at the Vanderbilt Mansion

If you still don’t have any travel plans for the Christmas season this year, it’s not yet too late to come up with a place to go. Drive to New York City to visit the Vanderbilt Mansion while it is decked out for the holidays—the best time to see the National Historic Site located in Hyde Park, New York as it is dressed in all its glory to celebrate the Christmas spirit.

The 54-room mansion was named after its owner, Frederick William Vanderbilt (1856-1938), who bought the property as his seasonal country house. If you want to see a great example of country palaces built by affluent industrialists during the Gilded Age, then you have come to the right place. Situated on the east bank of the Hudson River, the 211-acre property offers a view of Catskill Mountains, formal gardens, natural woodlands, and the Italian Gardens.

Join the Tour

Vanderbilt MansionNew York’s National Park Service offers a special extended tour at the mansion called “Downstairs/Upstairs at the Vanderbilt Mansion” every weekend at 1 pm from June to October. The tour lasts between 90 and 120 minutes starting from “Downstairs” or the basement where the servants’ quarters are located. As the guest, you will be assigned the roles of servants, such as a butler or housemaid, and take a peek into the life of the servants’ daily life. Afterwards, you can go “Upstairs” to see the luxurious life of Frederick and Louise Vanderbilt with their expensively decorated reception rooms, fit-for-a-king bedrooms, and more. Each tour accommodates a maximum of 25 visitors so make sure to call the NPS to book your $8 tickets.

Are you ready to tour the estate and the mansion famous for its classic Beaux-Arts architecture? As you tour the extravagant home, dream about living like an heir to Frederick, one of the Men Who Built America, and how it would have been like to live royally.

Unfortunately, you can’t book a room at the Vanderbilt Mansion. Don’t look any further than Mount Merino Manor, a Hudson Valley bed and breakfast that will treat you like a king.

For more places to visit in Hudson Valley, check out their famous haunted places for some ghost-hunting this Halloween. Who knows? If you don’t run into a creepy monster, you’ll meet a celebrity shooting a film in New York.

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