Scuba Diving: What First Timers Should Know

If you think scuba diving is remotely similar to snorkling, think again. Scuba diving takes swimmers on a deeper adventure under the sea, through calm, sparkling waters. Unfortunately, no one can simply jump into scuba diving their first time and get the hang of it immediately. It takes skill, practice, and usually a course is required to train divers how to swim with the heavy equipment.

Here is what first time scuba divers should expect:

Take Scuba Courses Slow

Scuba instructors won’t expect you to throw on the heavy gear and get right into the water. A scuba instructor will first teach you the rules of scuba diving, as well as how to put on the gear and how all the scuba diving gear works. Your first dive will be in a controlled environment where you can be monitored.

An instructor will first teach you how to breath with the scuba regulator with only your face in the water at first. Be aware, that breathing through a regulator feels a little strange at first.

The Underwater Environment

Swimming with aquatic animals is scary for some people. Some people believe that the underwater environment is quiet and peaceful, however, that is not always the case. Your breathing underwater will actually surprise you. It can be a bit noisy until you become accustomed to breathing underwater.

You vision is another obstacle. Scuba masks can cut off your peripheral vision, making a diver feel a little claustrophobic. Don’t worry about this too much–you will soon become accustomed to this feature of scuba diving, as well.

poibhqh3fuh1lli6yh8xWeightlessness and Restricted Movement

First time scuba divers should recognize that the scuba equipment and the water restricts movements. It will take some getting used to. One of the best parts of scuba diving, however, is the feeling of weightlessness. You might not have the ability to move fast but you divers can control movement easily up, down, left, and right as they please.

About the Author: Jessie is a guest contributor from POSH Palm Springs Inn, a beautiful bed and breakfast in Palm Springs, California with plenty to do, from scuba diving to various other wateractivities on the ocean.

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