Why Take a Scenic Train Ride this Fall?

Scenic train rides in the fall bring color and light to train vacations. When the leaves begin to change towards the end of September and peak in October, that’s the perfect time to take a rail vacation. There are so many sites and parks to see, and many train vacations are all-inclusive with trips to famous National parks that become a sea of reds, golds, and oranges during the fall months.

So why take a scenic fall foliage train ride?

1. It’s Beautiful and Breathtakingf61eb2e76b43f2dae6f6e8ed6b7b0976ddcea7e0

On a scenic train tour, you’ll find and explore places you didn’t even know existed. As you glide along the rails through woodlands and parks, you’ll see everything from unique wildlife to an abundance of plant life. National parks claim that their wildlife presence peaks during the fall months when there’s less people roaming the trails. The fall is already a great time to take a train vacation simply because it’s a time when the seasons are transitioning and nature is changing.

2. There’s Less Tourism

There’s less tourism during the fall months. While students are headed back to school, my parents are not as eager to take a vacation. With less tourists, there’s less crowds. National parks even admit that tourism is down between September and Decemeber, which means less foot traffic and more room to view the wildlife.

3. Train Rides Offer Extreme Comfort

While you might think a train ride is cramped, it’s actually quite the opposite. Train vacations are comfortable, adding a cozy experience to your vacation. With the cooler months, you’ll want to bundle up and stay cozy on the train and rail companies are determined to make your stay both adventurous and comfortable at the same time.

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