Why Roatan Honduras is the Perfect Spring Break Destination

The island of Roatán is one of the best spring break destinations. Located in the Caribbean Sea, this island of Honduras often gets overlooked in many travel guides, which makes it perfect for spring breakers who are looking to go somewhere that’s off the beaten path. Here are some of the top reasons why Roatán is the perfect location to spend spring break.

There are over 100 dive sites that you can enjoy around the island. Dive sites can be found for divers of all experience levels. While exploring beneath the water, divers can get up close with fascinating sea creatures and colorful aquatic plant life. Divers can also sometimes see sunken ships. Names of some of the best dive sites include Hole in the Wall, Spooky Channel and El Aguila Wreck.

ocean view Breathtaking Beaches

Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches can be found on Roatán. The island is surrounded by blue and turquoise seawater that greatly enhances the setting. Sandy Bay is a popular local beach that features the perfect conditions for snorkeling and sunbathing. West Bay Beach is also a noteworthy beach because of its adjacent hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Other beaches that are worth seeing include Marbella Beach, Camp Bay Beach, and Half Moon Bay.

Fabulous Resorts

Luxurious beachside resorts provide travelers with the perfect accommodations. Some of these resorts also have private pools and full-service bars complete with a variety of cocktail options. One of our favorites is Anthony’s Key Resort located off the coast of Roatan. You can enjoy pristine views of the ocean from your key-side accommodation or you can choose to stay in one of the hillside bungalows for an unforgettable experience. Sit back and relax when staying here and enjoy all of the amenities including the Ixora Spa.

Ziplining Adventures

Roatán is also a great place to go ziplining. Visitors can ride along a cable as they travel over lush tropical forestry that has been largely unspoiled by human development. Safety gear and instructions are provided at ziplining locations to ensure that everyone avoids hazards while having a good time.

These are just some of the things that Roatán offers for spring breakers who are looking for fun and adventure. Spending a vacation here can open the door to many new and wonderful experiences and help students recharge themselves to return to class.

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