Five Reasons to Visit Hilton Head Island This Summer

Located in the southeast corner of South Carolina, Hilton Head Island is an outstanding vacation destination. With its tropical-like atmosphere and breathtaking beaches, it offers visitors impressive views of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as a high number of attractions and activities. Below are five reasons to plan a summer getaway to this beautiful part of the country:

Championship Golf Courses

Hilton Head is famous for its championship golf courses, and many golf tournaments are held in this part of the country. Vacationers can golf at the Harbor Town Golf Links, where professional golfers and celebrities are sometimes seen. The Verizon Heritage tournament is also held at this course each April. The area is friendly to novice golfers as well, and most courses offer lessons from professional instructors.


Hilton Head boasts 12 miles of beautiful shoreline, all of which offer easy access to the ocean. The area’s officialcolignyaccess beach season begins each year on April 1st and runs until the 30th of September. However, winter vacations in Hilton Head are also enjoyable, as weather is still relatively mild and most establishments remain open year-round. Despite its popularity, beaches in the area rarely have an overcrowded feeling and most of the shoreline is impeccably maintained.

Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing tours abound in Hilton Head. Whether one is interested in viewing the town’s historical section or taking an ocean adventure to observe sea creatures, the extensive selection of touring options in the area ensure that each visitor will have the experience he or she desires. Visitors can also explore and admire nature on bicycle or hiking tours of the area. Such activities are ideal for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.


Hilton Head is also famous for its many health and wellness spas. Whether one is searching for a day spa or prefers to spend his or her entire vacation at a spa resort, there is no shortage of such establishments. From full body massage and mud baths, to facials, manicures and yoga classes, Hilton head offers something for every spa enthusiast.

Nature and Wildlife

The combination of sun, wildlife and beautiful landscapes found in this area of South Carolina intrigues visitors from throughout the country. From tidal marshes to lush forests and grassy dunes, many opportunities exist to explore the spectacular natural landscapes. Hilton Head is a sanctuary for wildlife as well, and therefore those who enjoy viewing birds and animals in their natural habitat will be pleased with what they find in this area. Guided cruises and tours are available from various establishments and on such excursions visitors can see wild boar, mink, bobcats, deer, birds of prey, bottle nose dolphins, loggerhead turtles and even alligators. Regardless of what one has in mind for his or her vacation, an unforgettable experience awaits anyone planning a visit to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

This post is a guest contribution from Beachside Getaway, a Hilton Head Island vacation rental company providing rentals on Hilton Head.

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