Reasons to Experience Sonoma Wine Country in the Fall

There is no better place to experience the splendor of fall than in Sonoma wine country. As the weather begins to cool, the grapevines begin their slow metamorphosis from bright summer green to the warm autumn hues of yellow, orange, and red. Warm fall days give way to cool nights, creating an inviting moderate climate in which to take in the bursting colors of the landscape. In addition to the natural beauty of the season, here are four reasons to visit Sonoma wine country during the fall.

SEASONAL FOOD AND DRINK: Traveling to Sonoma wine country in the fall affords visitors the opportunity to delight in the diverse seasonal menus. All over the region, restaurant menus highlight fall’s bounty of vegetables and other seasonal goodies. The moderate temperatures also make dining al fresco a real treat.

LOW CROWDS: As the vast amount of summer tourists return home, visitors to Sonoma in the fall will revel in low crowds. Tasting rooms become less hectic and visitors can slow down and connect with the locals out enjoying the weather and vibe of the season. Low crowds equate to great rates on lodging and other attractions. Be sure to check out Olea Hotel to accommodate your stay in Sonoma wine country for a truly relaxing experience. During this time, it will also be easier to snag a dinner reservation at the hottest restaurants.

AERIAL TOURS: The vibrant fall foliage provides a perfect backdrop for an aerial tour. A variety of outfitters offer the chance to take to the sky to see the colors of Sonoma from a breathtaking vantage point. From gondola rides, to biplanes, to helicopters, to hot air balloons, there is a myriad of ways to witness the bursting colors of the season.

HARVEST SEASON: Fall is the designated harvest season in the Sonoma region. During this time, tourists have the opportunity to watch the process of pressing the grapes and bottling the wine. Some wineries even allow guests the chance to be an active participant in the harvesting process. The process begins early in the morning so be sure to rise early and get to your destination in order to witness the harvesting process. Because of the shorter days, visitors should expect the wineries to close prior to dinner time.

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