Rail Vacations Travel Insurance: Is It For Everyone?

Timbuktu Souvenir T-ShirtA vacation is oftentimes exactly what the doctor ordered, but sometimes traveling can be more headache than it’s worth. You lost your luggage, you crashed your rental car and the airline cancelled your flight.  Now you’re stuck in Timbuktu with only a gaudy souvenir T-shirt to your name.

Don’t be stuck in Timbuktu with only a gaudy souvenir T-shirt to your name. Consider travel insurance.Travel insurance is a type of insurance intended to cover medical expenses, travel supplier mishaps and other losses while traveling. It’s something to consider if you travel often, might wind up in a risky situation or you simply want a little more peace of mind. It could be worth it to invest in travel insurance on your next train excursion, as long as you consider the costs and advantages. Make sure you are aware of all features and implications of the insurance package before you agree to the purchase.

Depending on the package, the standard insurance features and optional coverage will vary.  Usually, standard coverage includes:

  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Emergency or medical evacuation
  • Return of a minor child
  • Trip cancellation
  • Accidental death
  • Accidental injury
  • Accidental disablement
  • Delayed departure or missed connection
  • Lost baggage, personal items or document
  • Stolen baggage, personal items or documents
  • Delayed baggage and replacement of essential items
  • Legal assistance
  • Travel delays as a consequence of weather
  • Medical emergencies or hospital care

Optional coverage typical includes:

  • Car rental collision
  • Some pre-existing conditions
  • Sports that carry risk (skiing)
  • Travel in high-risk areas (of war, terrorism or natural disasters)
  • Kidnap and ransom insurance

When traveling, always be aware of a travel supplier’s policies and whether or not they provide insurance or resources for obtaining travel insurance. Learn more about rail vacations that assist with travel insurance.

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