Plan Your Small Wedding in Washington State

A big fancy wedding isn’t for everyone. Whether it is due to budget, or you just enjoy the intimacy of it all, there are many reasons to want a small wedding. If you are planning a small wedding, you can still do a destination wedding. There are many different locations that are ideal for weddings and one of them is Washington State. Washington is a great wedding location for so many reasons. Washington is the perfect place to start planning your small wedding and here is why.


The scenery in Washington is breathtaking. Washington has it all, from beautiful plains to spacious skies and amazing mountains. Not to mention the beach on the Pacific coast. No matter what backdrop you want for your wedding, whether that be rustic or beachy, you can find it in Washington.


You may be thinking that Washington is too expensive for your budget. That may not be true. The venue is the most expensive part of planning a wedding. Generally, the cost of the venue is about 45% of your total budget. With that in mind, it is still possible to find a Washington wedding venue within your budget. There are fancy and rich venues, but there are also venues for those trying to save money. The less expensive venues are still just as beautiful and unique.

If you plan on having a small destination wedding and you think Washington state could be your ideal location, then you should start looking at all the beautiful venue possibilities. One small wedding venue is Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. Carson Ridge is a bed and breakfast as well as a wedding venue, so it is nice for those who will be traveling from far distances. There is also a spa that can help you prepare for your big day.

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