How to Plan a Nautical Themed Wedding in Maine

Planning a nautical themed wedding in Maine is an incredible opportunity for couples to combine their passion for maritime history and style with their nuptials. Nowhere is that easier than in the Pine Tree State, known for lobster rolls, Stephen King, and beautiful seaside towns. Here is a list of some things that may help a couple planning their perfect nautical wedding in Maine.

Location and Ceremony Style

Style Me Pretty points out that Maine is a great location for a wedding, regardless if the couple are locals or just in love with the state. From a beautiful mainland to a stunning seashore to even islands off the coast, there are hundreds of places to choose from in order to get into the wedding spirit.

Couples who are looking for a nautical location would do well to look at seaside towns or even the islands for their perfect wedding venue. Many of the islands even cater to weddings specifically, offering local catering companies and discounts for destination weddings. Couples are encouraged to book their venue quickly because Maine is one of the most popular destinations for weddings.

Maine weddings also tend to be more casual than other ceremonies. With most weddings taking place in the summer and fall, couples are forgoing formal ceremonies for outdoor, beach, and even boat venues. This ties in perfectly with the nautical theme. One of the best nautical venues in Maine is Linekin Bay Resort. This resort offers a selection of casual outdoor venues on their oceanfront location and boat rides for guests on the bay.

The Reception

According to The Knot, Maine is known for its seafood and is a popular wedding dish. 80 percent of the lobster that’s sold in America comes from this state. And with everything from clambakes, to lobster rolls, to seafood-inspired poutine, the state is literally built for a nautical-themed wedding.

Couples who want to incorporate the theme into their menus will want to consider local catering companies who specialize in seafood. Creating a menu that has two options will offer guests the chance to try a few different mains courses. It might also be a good idea to incorporate sampler plates for a more nautical feel.

The reception isn’t just about food, it’s also about dessert and drinks. Try utilizing Maine favorites, such as blueberry pie and sailor-themed cocktails, into the menu. While the result is subtle, guests will no doubt be in the maritime mood by the time the reception ends.

The Details

It’s hard to think about planning a wedding without discussing the details, right? From flowers to decorations to even party favors, it’s an important part of tying the nautical theme together. It’s hard to believe that something so small can really make a difference.

Martha Stewart Weddings makes the case for incorporating nautical details into every aspect of the wedding. This means using sailboats or anchors on the wedding invitations, using sailor’s knots in the plate settings, or creating nautical party favor bags that showcase Maine’s maritime history. These are all beautiful and subtle ways to bring the nautical theme into the wedding celebration.

An incredible detail might be for a couple to take their wedding portraits on a boat or near a lighthouse, which are easy to come by, especially in Maine. If a couple chooses to take portraits during the rehearsal dinner or during their bachelor and bachelorette parties, they can do so by the state’s many docks and beaches. All it takes is a little planning to make this dream come true.

While it’s important to pay attention to budget and scheduling, sometimes the theme is more important than anything. Weddings don’t have to cost a lot, and by having a wedding in Maine, couples only need to use the resources around them to build their perfect nautical wedding. All that’s left to do is pick a date and a venue in this beautiful state.

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