How To Plan An Elopement Wedding

While ‘elopement’ may conjure up images of heading to Vegas on the spur of the moment, the truth is that a planned elopement wedding is simply a smaller and more intimate wedding than a big blow-out bash. Ahead, discover how to plan your own perfect elopement wedding.

Consider the venue
Your venue options are truly endless – heading to your local courthouse is an incredibly cost-effective option; so is a weekend getaway, which can cost 10 percent of the average wedding. Or, if a dream destination is more your style, fly to a far-flung location like Hawaii or Mexico for a gorgeous backdrop as you tie the knot. Another ideal location for couples who love the outdoors is in the Washington State mountains. Pine River Ranch Bed and Breakfast and Wedding Destination in Leavenworth offers a beautiful outdoor wedding venue in Washington featuring a mountain backdrop for your nuptials.

Another option to consider is picking a location that has a special meaning to you as a couple, whether it’s the park where you shared a first kiss or the diner where you shared a milkshake on your first date.

Spend on what matters
Even if you are planning an elopement wedding on a tight budget, don’t be scared to spend a little extra on the details that matter to you, like thoughtful gifts for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. The beauty of an elopement wedding is that a smaller group lends itself to more financial flexibility than you would get with a larger wedding.

Ask for help
Don’t feel pressured to do it on your own. A local planner can help you brainstorm other ways to save money, like a creative venue you might not have thought of before. A local photographer and videographer can help you create the perfect photos and videos to share with friends and family who can’t attend.

Get married on a weekday
With a small wedding party, you can see if they’re potentially willing to attend a weekday wedding. Choosing to get married on a weekday can also give you an edge when negotiating prices with a vendor since weekday weddings are much less expensive than weekend ones.

Plan in advance
Will the only guests be the two of you? Or are you planning on inviting a few more family members and friends? If it’s just the two of you, then planning time off from work or other commitments won’t be too much of a challenge. However, you may want to pick a date well in advance if there will be other guests.

No matter how you choose to plan your elopement wedding, it is bound to be a special day.

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