Five Places to Explore in Hocking Hills, Ohio

From cliffs to caves, Hocking Hills, Ohio is a destination for the hiker, explorer and avid camper. Lodge at Hocking Hills for an incredible woodland experience, learning about distinct history and wildlife.

Cedar Falls
A beautiful site in Hocking Hills, Cedar Falls is the point in which Old Man’s Creek and Queer Creek merge together. The trail which leads to Cedar Falls passes through the most stringent location of Hocking Hills. Cedar Falls is a remote location of steep rock accompanied by waterfalls, and though a deserted place, it is a quiet and beautiful area to see.

Conkle’s Hollow
Just off of Big Pine Road, this rocky gorge is considered one of the deepest in Ohio. For all you hikers, take the trail that leads to this ravine, surrounded by towering cliffs over 200 feet tall, and as the trail continues, the gorge eventually narrows to a distance of 300 feet between each cliff.

Lake Logan
Lake Logan State Park holds one of the best fishing lakes in Ohio. The lake has northern pike, bass, bluegill, catfish and more. With scenic picnic areas and beautiful wooded surroundings for a peaceful day on the water, Lake Logan is a fisherman’s dream.

Old Man’s Cave
Easily one of the most popular areas in Hocking Hills, Old Man’s Cave is located just off of State Route 664. Old Man’s Cave is divided into five sections: Upper Falls, Upper Gorge, Middle Falls, Lower Falls and Lower Gorge. Follow the length of the incredible gorge as it cuts through the 150-foot thickness of the Blackhand sandstone and take the six-mile trail starting at Old Man’s Cave to Cedar Falls to Ash Cave.

Tar Hallow
This area of many wildlife species from reptiles to game birds is a timber wonderland for the avid hiker, sightseer or bird-watcher. This dynamic park with forest roads and thick woodlands is perfect for the fall as the leaves change to vibrant colors.

About the Author: Kevin is a guest contributor of Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, offering bed and breakfast experiences in cabins and cottages near Hocking Hills.

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