Have an Outdoor Vacation in Deer Isle, Maine

Deer Isle, Maine is a perfect location for any type of vacation. It has a spot right on the 3000 mile coast line. Maine specializes in being close to the bay where all the fun things are located. Not many places are located in areas that offer hiking, exploring the rocky coastlines, or visiting coves. Keep reading if you are interested in checking out how to have an awesome outdoor vacation in Deer Isle, Maine.

Land Activities

Hiking: There are many hiking paths throughout Maine. Each path leads to a different adventure. If you take a hike during the day, you might even be able to sight all sorts creatures, land and sea.
The Rocky Shorelines and Coastlines: One thing that is unique about Maine is that most of the state is located near water. But instead of just sand, Maine has rocky shorelines and coastlines that visitors might not be used to seeing. Travelers can visit the Acadia National Park to visit many coastlines that Maine has to offer.

Water Activities

Coves: Since Maine is perfectly placed on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, that is a perfect reason to visit the coves of Maine. If you visit during the right time, you might be able to spot a family of seals at one of the coves.

Kayaking: Deer Isle is one of the hottest spots to kayak along the rocky coastline. There are many places in Maine where you can rent kayaks. Some kayak rental places have the option to rent kayaks overnight, and their rivers lead to campsites for visitors to stay at overnight.

Fishing: If you enjoy fishing for trout or salmon, then fishing in Maine is the place for you. Whether you are into regular fishing or fly fishing, Maine offers some of the best fishing in the world.

Boat Tours: Take a boat tour around Maine to discover and explore the islands. This allows you to look at the famous architecture, lighthouses, and wildlife while enjoying the boat ride through the Atlantic ocean.

Sailboat rentals: In Maine, there are places where you can rent out a sailboat or participate in a sailboat excursion. Take a relaxing sunset cruise through the waters of Maine on the Atlantic ocean.

Whitewater Rafting: There are many lakes, rivers, and streams near Deer Isle that offer whitewater rafting adventures. If you are traveling with a big group of people, take on the rapids and view the beautiful scenery that Maine has to offer.

Whether you are just visiting Maine to either relax while enjoying a lobster dish, or to get your hands dirty with outdoor adventures, then Deer Isle, Maine is a good place to consider for your next vacation.

This guest post is contributed from Pilgrim’s Inn, a bed and breakfast located in Deer Isle, Maine on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

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