What You’ll See on the Napa Valley Wine Train

Sightseeing begins even before boarding the Napa Valley Wine Train. A short bridge that connects the Napa Valley Wine Train to its boarding area has been taken over by romance. On this bridge of love locks, couples can decorate a padlock to their choosing and attach it to the bridge railings. Once it has been locked, the key is to be tossed into the swale below or kept as a memento. This tradition began in China as a way of “locking souls together” as a symbol of love. Even if visitors do not plan to partake in this romantic activity, the bridge is visible as a symbol of love and romance in Napa.

Visitors of the wine train in Napa Valley, California will experience a piece of history—100-year-old train cars, 150-year-old rail tunnels, and a tour of America’s railroads. The train offers an opulent, elegant setting for wine tastings with its mahogany wood paneling, brass detailing and accents, and much more. Several of the train cars still contain original elements from 1915, such as red glass windows. Visitors will also enjoy the Napa Valley weather as they take in the view.

The train runs through one of the top wine-growing regions in the world, allowing visitors to experience the geography and climate of Napa. Visitors will see where quality wine grapes are grown and harvested to produce top-quality wine. The train ride begins in Downtown Napa and runs through an old, industrial section of Napa. It will then run through the agricultural area of Napa Valley, allowing visitors to further experience the visual agricultural history of Northern California. Throughout the train ride, visitors will make a round trip from Napa to St. Helena, allowing sightseeing of Napa’s renowned wineries.

Given that the wine train is first and foremost a restaurant, allowing visitors to not only take in the visual history and beauty of Napa, but also to taste it, the train’s elegant decor allows guests to relax while enjoying a freshly made meal, which is the heart of America’s railroad history. Over the course of the eight-hour itinerary, food is prepared on board, thus allowing visitors to fully experience the culinary arts of Napa Valley. Visitors are welcomed to taste Napa Valley’s Private Label wines and champagnes while enjoying the observation car, which overlooks the valleys, mountains, and vineyards of Napa Valley. The observation-like style of the car includes an open deck that allows visitors to enjoy all that Napa has to offer.

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