Massachusetts- The Bay State in the Summer

The Bay State entered into the United States in 1788, but has a much longer history. Massachusetts hold a wide variety of activities to partake of during the summer months for almost every visitor’s tastes. From food to history to art and children’s enjoyment, this state is a luxurious amalgamation of culture and adventure.
Beginning in the city of Boston, there are numerous walking and bus tours around the city to see sights such as Boston Commons, the Boston Harbor, China town (complete with Foo Dogs and street vendors at its entrance), cemeteries where some of the most historical people of American history are buried.
A short thirty minute drive to the east offers historical Salem where the literary buff will enjoy the House of the Seven Gables. The nautical enthusiast can enjoy a trip around the harbor on a chartered vessel, with everyone enjoying the numerous museums scattered around the town. For the pirate and horror fans, there are walks and museums for them as well. Along with these sites, there are a multitude of houses boasting placards of the dates originally built, original owners, and their profession. Don’t forget to visit one of the first Custom Houses built, and the very first Historical Landmark ever established in the United States by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Just over 10,500 square miles of lavish green, forested countryside, this gorgeous state is small enough to partake of numerous activities in several different locals in a weekend. To drive from the furthest point out, being Provincetown, and explore the state through to Albany, New York, the drive would consist of a grand total of 4 and ½ hours’ drive time, on one direction. Meaning that any activity could reasonably be fully enjoyed while spending a small amount of time in transportation.

For a historical and vibrant Fourth of July holiday, the Boston area is a highly recommended destination. With fireworks over the prestigious harbor, antique ships sailing, the Boston Pops performing, and numerous other reenactments, the celebration for the Birthday of the United States of America is one to thoroughly thrill from the young to the young at heart.

Persons of more rare tastes can enjoy time in the Cape Cod National Sanctuary where exquisite views of the Atlantic and Cape Cod Bay are sure to take one’s breath away. Natural bay and beach shores boast white sands and surprising wildlife, as does a drive throughout the state.
Massachusetts is an historically valuable treasure filled with culture, art, and multitudes of modern experiences to thrill and satisfy any visitor, leaving them wanting to come back for more!

About the Author: Christian is a guest contributor from Staveleigh House Inn, a beautiful bed and breakfast located in Sheffield, MA.

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