Maryland’s Winery Trail: The Best Places to Visit

The eastern coast of Maryland, along the Chesapeake Bay, is world-famous for its beautiful vistas, amazing wildlife, as well as the best seafood on the planet. But did you know, the region is also home to exceptional wineries? The Chesapeake Wine Trail allows you to experience wines specifically grown to complement the region’s seafood. Here are seven of the best along the Maryland Wine Trail.

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Bordeleau Vineyards & Winery

Bordeleau means “The Water’s Edge.” Situated on scenic Wicomico Creek, near Salisbury, Maryland, the winery hand-harvests their grapes. Chambourcin Lot 6 is Bordeleau Vineyard’s signature full-bodied red wine. Don’t miss the massive fireplace on the brick patio for an unforgettable fireside wine-tasting with friends.

Broken Spoke Vineyard & Winery

This treasure along the Maryland coast is known for its friendly horses, ponies, and free-roaming sheep. It’s also known for its Vidal Blanc, which won double Gold in 2017 at the Maryland Comptroller’s Cup Wine Competition. A visit to this friendly, rustic, boutique winery should be on every connoisseur’s list.

Mark Cascia Vineyards

An intimate winery on beautiful Kent Island, along the banks of Cox Creek. Cascia Vineyards produces premium varietal grapes for premium red and white wines. But what makes this winemaker unique are the dessert wines made from the rare native Maryland grapes grown on their picturesque 12-acre vineyard.

Chateau Bu-De Bohemia Manor Farm

The gorgeous Tuscan-style chateau and fabulous water views make Chateau Bu-De Bohemia a favorite venue for weddings and special occasions. Their philosophy is to remain true to the land and grow the best wine grapes anywhere. They take pride in sustainable winemaking.

Crow Vineyard & Winery

Crow Vineyard & Winery encourages their guests to not only spend the night at their B&B but to pick grapes. The vineyard comprises 12 acres of the 365 acres sustainably managed farm. Their signature wine is Barbera Reserve, a dry red wine.

Layton’s Chance Vineyard & Winery

With more than 14 acres of vines, a picnic area, nature trail, and outdoor games, this winery is a great place to spend the day. Taste Freedom, their original blending of native Chambourcin and Catawba grapes.

St. Michaels Winery

Located in the Historic Old Mill District of beautiful St. Michaels, the distinctive blue and white, the nautically themed winery is hard to miss. Their unique and flavorful dry whites, reds and sweet wines are a perfect ending to a wine tour along the Maryland Shore.

Where to Stay

When you spend the most part of your day out exploring Maryland’s wineries, you will be more than ready to come back and settle down at one of Maryland’s finest lodging accommodations. We recommend staying at an Eastern Shore MD bed and breakfast so you can start your day off with a hearty breakfast before you are off to taste the best wine in the region.

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