How to Make Your Vacation Unique

Millions of tourists flock to the same destinations each year, take the same photos, go on the same walking tours, and eat at the same restaurants. If you’re looking for something new and different in your vacation, you don’t have to go off the map to find it. With simple modifications, even the most popular destination can yield new and different experiences that other tourists don’t have.


1. Ditch name-brand hotels.

Even though you may rack up rewards by doing so, staying in the same hotel everywhere you go means missing out on a lot of adventure and new experiences. Next time you go on a trip, try staying somewhere new. The Internet takes a lot of the guessing away, so you’ll be able to find a place with good reviews even if it is a place you are unfamiliar with. Look beyond traditional lodging to cabin rentals, hostels, historic B&Bs, and even couch surfing.

2. Check the local newspaper.

No, I don’t mean your local newspaper. Scanning the local pages in the destination you’re traveling to can alert you to events and activities that interest the people who live there, not just tourists. Check out local fairs and festivals, plays and concerts, and more. You can also scope out the web for a list of best restaurants voted on by residents. It’s a great way to skip the overpriced tourist cuisine and get to the really great food of the area.

3. Be spontaneous.

Don’t head on vacation with a down-to-the-minute itinerary. Build in some free time to explore and to seize opportunities that pop up while you’re there. A spur of the moment decision to go bungee jumping is bound to be far more memorable than going to a crowded museum.

4. Talk to people.

Try your best to converse with locals to get the scoop on “must-sees” while you’re on vacation. This could just mean chatting with the innkeeper or hotel concierge, or maybe you’ll find someone friendly in line at a coffee shop. Be friendly and positive, and most locals will be happy to share insider tips about the city they love enough to call home.

5. Sample local cuisine.

Eating locally is one of the greatest adventures of experiencing a new place. Don’t waste your time with familiar foods, ask the waiter what the house specialty is and order that instead.

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