Limousine Riding Etiquette And Advice

There are a number of occasions that require the hire of a special limousine, airport runs being one of them. These are normally done for pure luxury or safety purposes, or both. Here is how to get the most appropriate limousine service to and from any airport:

  • To start with, settle for an airport limo service that is in proper sync with your travel plans. To be precise, the hired airport limousine should be where it is supposed to be on or upon your arrival.
  • Check on the driver’s professionalism. In simple terms, check whether the company’s chauffeurs are registered with the proper regulating bodies. And while at it, ensure that they are in possession of the right and updated operational licenses, including driver’s licenses.
  • Check the details (make, year of manufacture, model, etc.) of the available limos for hire to ensure your selection is really what you want.
  • Before settling for any of the available service providers, seek references and recommendations from previous users.

  • After you have hired the limo of your dreams to take you to and from the venue of your special occasion or even to and from the airport, beware of such things as toll fees, taxes, parking fees, and fuel surcharges. Although most of these expenses are included in the final hiring agreement, it is always best to double-check and make sure.
  • When not riding in the hired airport limo, you should make sure your valuables accompany you at all time

Airport Limousine Etiquette

1. Don’t insist on having more people on a particular ride than what is legally allowed.

2. Respect the hired vehicle on the inside and outside. For instance, it is at the chauffeur’s discretion to decide whether the privacy partition is down or up and you can guess why this is so.

3. Underage drinking, use of narcotics, standing through the sunroof, smoking and so forth aren’t allowed while riding in a limousine. If these events occur while on your ride, then your limo hire contract may be terminated without a refund.

5. After the ride, it is customary to offer a gratuity of approximately fifteen to twenty percent to the chauffeur. For a nice touch, the gratuity funds should be stuffed in an appropriate envelope.

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