Iconic Buildings Around Ellicott City

Planning a visit to one of America’s most affluent and historic cities? You won’t be disappointed when you visit Ellicott City in Maryland because all the good things you have heard about this town in Howard County are most likely true. Besides the eclectic and antique stores, there are also Ghost Tours at places known for paranormal activities throughout the year; that’s why Ellicott City is called one of the most haunted small towns on the east coast. So don’t forget your cameras and make sure to take home beautiful shots of this unique town’s historic sites and buildings.

The Forget-Me-Not Factory

Housed in a colonial building that may date back prior to the founding of the town in 1771, the Forget-Me-Not Factory is surprisingly a large emporium full of strange and fun items from candies to odd hats and costumes to Christmas decorations. If you still haven’t found the perfect gift for someone, you’ll definitely find something to take home here. All three levels are chockfull of merchandise that you can spend the entire day shopping here! If you get lucky, you’ll even encounter Bubbleman Gibson blowing bubbles in front of the Factory.

The Hayden House

Also called the Oak Lawn, the Hayden House dates back to the early 1800s and was the residence of the first county clerk Edwin Parson Hayden and his family. Stories about ghost sightings and mysterious events have surrounded the house since the 1970s when it was occupied by the district court and county office of parole and probation. The lights would turn on and off by themselves, footsteps were heard even though there was nobody around, and there were smells of food cooking even there were no cooking appliances at the time. The Hayden House is definitely worth a visit not only for the haunted stories but also to appreciate the old Ellicott City.

The Patapsco Female Institute

On Church Road you’ll find the ruins of the former girl’s school with a great overlooking view of the town, hills, and river beyond. The ghost stories started after one of the students died of pneumonia, and her spirit is said to still linger there and roam the dormitories and classrooms. The building had seen its share of owners after the school closed down, from a hotel to a hospital to a theater. Today, the vacant building is a popular spot for teenagers and is now accessible as a historic park.

Old Fire Station

Built around 1889, the Fire Station was Howard County’s first firehouse. Today it has turned into a museum showcasing antique equipment, such as fire apparatus, hoses, nozzles, and other firefighting gear. Open only on the weekends, but entry is free so make sure to take a peek!

The Wayside Inn

This circa 1780 bed and breakfast in Ellicott City has moved with the times, but traces of its elegant past are still evident in its foundation. According to local lore, General George Washington and John Quincy Adams were once guests at the Inn – which could actually be for real since Washington’s name is on a ledger at a pub in nearby Elkridge. The Inn also still follows the English tradition of lighting candles to show travelers that there are still bedrooms available. Thus, it’s known as the “house with the candles in the windows”. You’ll certainly escape to the past when you stay at the Wayside Inn!

Wayside Inn

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