Things You Didn’t Know About Hilton Head Island, SC

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is a popular vacation spot for a lot of people during the summer time. How did Hilton Head Island ever get to be so popular? It might be a popular spot because of the golf options that it offers to the guests, the beautiful beaches, or the various activities that guests can do during the day and the evening. Many people who don’t live on Hilton Head Island but only vacation there don’t know the history of the island. If you have ever vacationed to Hilton Head Island or are looking to learn about another potential vacation spot, here are six things that you didn’t know about Hilton Head Island.

1. The island was named after Captain William Hilton, who discovered the island before it even had a name. He decided to name the island after his last name “Hilton,” and it is believed that he got the name “Head” from the headlands that appeared on the island as he arrived by boat.

2. Hilton Head Island is not a complete island that is isolated by water. People can still reach the island by boat, but there is also a bridge that gives people a straight shot to the island.

3. A lot of people say that Hilton Head Island is one of the best relaxation spots. A reason for this could be because the island doesn’t allow the disturbance of bright neon lights.

4. Hilton Head Island is known for loving golf. The island loves the sport so much that it offers 40 golf courses that are open to the public. The people of Hilton Head Island are also fans of tennis.

5. Charles Fraser created the first resort on Hilton Head Island in 1956. He inspired other places around the world to start building resorts in their areas. Today, there is enough places for about “2-5 million people” to stay on Hilton Head Island all at once.

6. Hilton Head Island is shaped like a foot. Some locals of the island say that there are parts of the island that people referred to as parts of a foot. For example, some people travel to the toe of Hilton Head Island.


About the Author: Bethany is a guest contributor from Beachside Getaway, a vacation rental service located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

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