Gift Cards for Travel?

Travel Magazine
Lots of people buy gift cards every year. Not a lot of people think about getting gift cards for travel. Sure it’s easy to go find yourself some gift cards to buy little Susie a new iPod or download 20 songs off of iTunes, but the expanse of gift cards available is probably bigger than you’d think. There are a lot of destination locations themselves that will offer gift cards good for a variety of local establishments including restaurants, hotels, and rental cars. Not a bad thing to give to someone who has their heart set on hitting up a destination (when you can’t afford to buy them the trip yourself!)

Not only that, some travel companies will offer gift certificates for a wide variety of travel options like train vacations or adventure outings like skydiving trips or bungee jumping. While not everyone is that adventurous, it does just go to show you that in the world of gift cards and gift certificates there’s probably a little something for everyone, whether it’s a travel gift card for grandma and grandpa or something that can be used by your X-Games loving friends who otherwise were impossible to shop for.

If you’re interested in more standard gift card options, then definitely take a few minutes and check out some of these online gift cards available through more standard retailers.


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