Games to Pass the Time on a Train Journey

Train trips are great for a family. You can see places together that you’ve never visited before, but sometimes these places are far away so passing the time on a train ride should be fun. Parents are often looking for ways to keep their children occupied, but the game I-Spy has been used too much to distract younger kids. So instead, try some different games on a train journey as you await your arrival at your next destination.

The Game “Forbidden”

This game is a simple, yet fun game to play with the whole family. The rules are simple–decide on a word that no one can say. It’s much more fun and tricky if you decide on a common word, such as an article (a, an, the) or a pronoun (I, me, my, her, his, she, he). Then, decide on a person to be the “inquisitor.” This person will ask questions to various members of your family and no one can use the “forbidden” word. If they do, they are out. The last player who has avoided using the word at all wins.

Weird Words

This game is commonly known as a board game, Balderdash, an original 1984 board game that is hilarious to play with family and friends. However, if you don’t have the game, no worries. The same rules can apply with a simple dictionary. Make sure to bring a small pocket dictionary, some pads of paper and some pencils for this game if you choose to play. One player will flip through the dictionary, choose an unusual word that no one has heard of and write down the real defintion while the other players write down a fake definition based on the structure of the word. Then, everybody votes on what the actual definition is.

Twenty Questions

This classic game is one that everyone should know. But change the rules up a bit–you can make sure topics are based on the region you are in while traveling by train. If you’re in the mountains, choose something based on that region. If it’s the desert, choose something based on that. Make it fun and topical. You can even restrict some questions from being asked to make the challenge that much more difficult.

Travel Bingo

If you have the opportunity to sit at a table on the train, play some travel bingo. You can even get other passengers involved. Bingo sheets are free online and small and convenient to travel with. Instead of numbers, make the bingo related to travel. Use road signs, train related signs, and other travel symbols. It’s even more fun for kids this way. There are so many other free printable games to pass the time while on a train journey.

About the Author: Cameron is a guest contributor from America by Rail, providing train trips and rail tours throughout North America, Canada, and Europe.

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