Fun Facts About Alaska: “The Last Frontier”

Sometimes people forget that Alaska is part of the United States. It is separated from the continental U.S. by Canada and it is hard to think about something being so far away, yet still being a part of the same country. So here we are going to talk about a few fun facts about Alaska that you may not know.

Alaska, the biggest state: When asked the question, “which is the biggest state in the United States?” people quickly come back with Texas as their answer, but that is wrong. Alaska is actually twice the size of Texas making it easily the biggest state.

Home to the highest peak: Alaska is home to the highest peak in North America. This mountain is called Denali, in the Alaska Range, and it stands at 20,320 feet.

Widest state in the United States: It is not just the biggest, but the widest as well. When a map of Alaska is superimposed onto a map of the continental United States it stretches from coast to coast. Can you believe it?

The coastline that touches three different seas: Alaska’s coastline touches the Arctic, Pacific, and the Bering sea. It is the only state that does so.

Juneau is bigger than Rhode Island: The city and borough of Juneau, Alaska’s capital, is larger than the whole state of Rhode Island.

Least densely populated state: Alaska is the least densely populated state, with less than two people living per square mile. If you don’t understand how big that is, 1 square mile is equal to 27,880,000 feet. That is two living people per 27,880,000 feet.

Endless night and endless day: Barrow, Alaska has the country’s longest day because it is located so far north, a mere 800 miles south of the North Pole. How long is it, you ask? 3 months. That’s right when the sun rises on May 10th it doesn’t set for almost 3 months. Then on November 18th, when the sun sets, Barrow’s residences do not see the sun for over two months. Just imagine that.

So we hope you enjoyed some of these fun facts about the mysterious state of Alaska. If you are interested in visiting this wondrous frontier, then travel by train. America by Rail offers train tours all across Northern United States, Canada, and Alaska. There is no better way to experience the vastness of Alaska than on a train.

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