Why Fall Is The Best Time Of The Year To Visit The Jersey Shore

After Labor Day, the Jersey Shore is a relaxing holiday destination, especially without the summer crowds. You can still enjoy antique shopping, climbing to the top of a lighthouse to enjoy the panoramic view, walking on the beach and dining at the famed seafood restaurants without waiting in line.

Rental Properties & Hotels
Prices for rentals at the Jersey Shore can typically drop by 20 to 50 percent after Labor Day. Jersey Shore hotels on the beach also have special deals if you stay during the fall season. If you wait until fall for your getaway, you will be able to stay at an oceanfront hotel with amazing views or rent a luxury hotel room for the same price as what a motel a few blocks from the beach charges during the summer.

In early autumn, it is often warm enough to swim, although it is at your own risk. There is plenty of room on the white sand beaches once the crowds are gone. Since beach tags are only required from Memorial Day to Labor Day at nearly all of New Jersey’s beaches, you will save approximately $10 every day that you visit the beach in the fall.

Autumn is the prime surf season at the Jersey Shore, with water that averages 50 to 68 degrees. Swells improve and more surfing areas open up.

Beaches often allow dogs on the beach or the boardwalk during the off-season only. Check the signs at the beach you are considering visiting before venturing out with your pet or look for beaches where Fido is welcome during the off-season.

During the second week in September, Atlantic City hosts the Miss America Pageant. Even if visitors do not have tickets to the main event, there are related activities, such as the parade, which visitors can enjoy.

In October, the Wildwood Seafood & Music Festival, Belmar Oktoberfest, and the Seaside Heights Italian Street Festival offer family fun at the Jersey Shore. Almost every town has an event to extend the tourist season unto fall; check the town’s website for any fall festivals while you are planning your trip.

Open Year-Round
Visit the Atlantic City Aquarium, Ripley’s Believe it or Not! or one of the several arcades that stay open year-round.

The casinos in Atlantic City are also worth a visit, even for non-gamblers. The casinos all feature very affordable, elegant buffets with high-end cuisine and plenty of local oysters and crab.

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