Explore Wine Country By Train

One of the most beautiful ways to view the scenery of California’s wine country is to do it by train. At the Napa Valley Wine Train, guests get to experience Napa Valley either through a dining experience or while sipping on wine, of course. At the Napa Valley Wine Train, they want to restore the exploration of history of Napa Valley. Guests get to ride and dine in a train that is up to 150 years old.

The Route

The train takes guests through the western side of the wine country of California, one of the top places to grow and produce wine because of the perfect climate. The train will pass through Oak Knoll, Yountville, Oakville, Rutherford and St. Helena. The train tour will last about three hours passing many well known wineries. If you choose to do the wine tour, guests have the option to stop at the wineries depending on which tour they choose to take.

The Meals

There are three kitchens on the train that prepare meals from scratch, just like how every meal was made back in time. Guests have the option to choose between a dining experience or a wine experience as they ride by train through Napa Valley. The different kinds of dining tours that guests can select include Vista Dome, Gourmet Express, The Silverado Car, Sunset Trains, Murder Mystery and Romance on the Rails.

The Wine

On the wine tours, the first wine that guests will taste comes from Napa Valley that showcase the uniqueness of the wine from there. Different carts on the train receive different wines. For example, if you are in the Champagne Vista Dome Car of the train, you will start off the tour with California sparkling wine. After the tasting, there will be menus of the other wine that guests are welcome to purchase.

The Love Lock Bridge

Love Lock Bridges started their tradition in China. Now, lovers all over the world are locking their souls together on Love Lock Bridges that can be found all over the world. There happens to be a Love Lock Bridge in Napa Valley called the Love Lock Pedestrian bridge. Head to Love Lock Pedestrian bridge to lock together your soul with your loved one’s soul sometime during your trip.

About the Author: Annie is a guest contributor from Wine Country Inn, a romantic bed and breakfast in Napa Valley.

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