Experience the Sights of Hocking Hills State Park

The 9,238 unspoiled acres of Hocking State Forest surround Hocking Hills State Park in Hocking Hills, Ohio. Boasting a picturesque and romantic wilderness it displays enormous jutting sandstone formations, cool deep canyons, lofty hemlocks, and shimmering waterfalls. It includes wooded gorges and ridge tops housing an abundance of wildlife such as the barred owl, white-tailed deer, wild turkey, and the short-tailed bobcat. The luxuriant undergrowth lavishes profusely with ferns, bushes, and wildflowers. Many of the wildflowers are rare and some of Ohio’s most unusual flora. Lichen and moss cling to rock faces.
Hocking Hills State Park is comprised of six distinct areas:

1) Old Man’s Cave – Offers a majestic display of natural beauty including a canopy of hemlock, steep cliffs, and great waterfalls. Located along a valley known as Old Man’s Creek, the creek water streamed through the valley creating a spectacular gorge. Visitors can travel a trail along the half mile length of the gorge and scan into the subsurface of the earth.

2) Cedar Falls – Moves through the most severe area of Hocking Hills. It is an ancient, magnificently beautiful, untamed, secluded ravine surrounded by sheer rock walls, caverns, and waterfalls. Cedar Falls itself has the greatest volume of breathtaking water powered by the tumbling Queer Creek.

3) Ash Cave – At the most southerly stretch of Hocking Hills, and agreeably the greatest attraction of the whole park, Ash Cave is the largest and the most spectacular indentation of cave in Ohio.

4) Conkles Hollow – This jagged, rocky ravine has the greatest depth in Ohio. The floor of its valley is a genuine wilderness layered with a mass of plant life and towering trees. Some of the valley’s floor receives little or no sunlight due to the profuse plant growth.

5) Cantwell Cliffs – Reach into the northern stretch of Hocking Hills. Their isolation does not encourage many visitors. Some proclaim them the most beautiful scenic areas in Hocking’s county.

6) Rock House – Is unique because it is Hocking Hill’s only true cave. Situated midway up a 150-foot cliff, its tunnel-like passageway features a 25-foot ceiling, a main passageway that is 200-feet in length with a width of 20 to 30 feet.

Hocking Hills lures with the sounds of splashing waterfalls, the enchanting call of the whip-poor-will, the soft sound of wind among the hemlock, and the mesmerizing, drifting passage of the Hock River.

This is a guest post contributed by Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, a Hocking Hills bed and breakfast.

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