Before Your Cruise, Helpful Tips

Planning to explore the ocean blue on a cruise in 2014? Then these helpful tips are for you:

Check the Deck

The first place to start is by looking at the deck plan of the ship. When you choose your room make sure you know what is around it. If there is a club right below your room or a casino above it you may have to put up with noise all night long. Also make sure that you are closest to the amenities that you seek most. If you want to go to the pool every day you will probably want a room near the rear of the ship but if you are an early riser and want to beat the breakfast rush choose a room close to the dining area. Be aware of what is around you so you know what to expect.

Get to know your ship before you ever leave port. Know the perks and where things are. It will save you a lot of time and hassle as you make your way around the ship with ease. You could print out your deck plan and make notes on it or better do it electronically so you just need to whip out your phone.

Learn to Pack

As you are getting your bags ready for the cruise make sure not to over pack. It is ok to wear the same outfit a few times during the cruise. There will not be much closet or drawer space on the cruise and your excess clothing may end up piled on the floor. Pack light bringing a third of what you normally would wear. If it is a three week cruise bring outfits for a week and recycle and mix and match during the next two weeks.

Another thing to pack is a power strip because there are few outlets in your room. Hook up your electronics to your power strip. You can hook up your iPod speakers and listen to music while on the cruise. On the note of sounds you probably want to bring ear plugs even if you are not right next to the bar as a ship at sea has sounds of its own which may keep you awake, especially if this is your first cruise.

Travel to the Ship

When you are traveling on your way to the ship make sure to head to the area of departure at least a day early. Drive the long distance the first and stay the night. If you are leaving from New York stay in a hotel in Norwalk Connecticut and if are leaving from San Diego, look for a place nearby. The day of your cruise departure should be very little travel. This way you can avoid any last minute problems with the car and get to the ship without any unnecessary stress. You can even plan to stay a few days in the port town to sight see and recover from any jet lag if you flew.

Boarding the Ship

If you decide to drive to the ship remember that parking costs money. When you get to your terminal you can expect anywhere from eight to fifteen dollars a day in parking. As you take your stuff out of the car and hand over your luggage to the porters make sure to give them a good tip. These people are in charge of making sure your bags get to the ship and then to you safely. Avoid any foolish risk and give a good tip.

As you board the ship you will be asked to listen to a mandatory safety briefing and although it says it in the name you cannot skip it. The stewards will check every single room in the ship and leave a little slip to state that no one was in the room, so be aware of it.

You should now be on your ship, in your room and ready to set sail. Hopefully these tips helped you to better enjoy your cruise.

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