A Couple Characteristics of Cruises

When you decide to take a cruise, there are a number of things to look forward to. We’ve decided to highlight a couple.

Shore Excursions on your Cruise
Part of the excitement of travelling by sea is seeing a foreign port. Somehow, approaching an exotic location at a leisurely pace and seeing a new coastline unfold from sea level is, in my opinion, much more satisfying than landing in an airplane. I’ve found airports have a certain sameness about them.

On a cruise, shore excursions are eagerly looked forward to by most passengers. At a more remote location, for example the Yasawa Islands in the Fiji group, passengers from a cruise ship have to gain the shore by travelling in a lifeboat tender. This is an adventure in itself, and if you are a camera enthusiast, you can obtain some unusual pictures of your boat from sea level.

Lifeboat drill on your Cruise
One of the first things that you’ll do on your ocean cruise is carry out a lifeboat drill. This involves meeting some of your fellow passengers at a designated Muster Station. You can get directions to your particular station by asking your cabin steward, or by following the signs. The ship will sound the following signal to indicate the drill is being carried out. This is usually six short blasts, then one long on the siren.

The risk of the ship sinking is minimal of course, but by law, they have to put the emergency procedures in place. It’s a great chance to meet a new acquaintance too. Here’s some suitable lines that may help you to get started on both lifeboat drill, and a possible shipboard romance. “Do you come here often ?” or…”Can I help you with those straps ?” are a couple of suggestions. It’s just a matter of ‘mustering’ up the courage ! Your lifejacket comes in a jazzy color to attract attention when you get dunked in the drink. It also has a small light, and a whistle you can blow. Lifeboat drills are fun, and your cruise will be, too!

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