Best Attractions in Southwest New Mexico

When you’re looking for a vacation destination that is not your typical tourist attraction, consider visiting Southwest New Mexico. From New Mexico dude ranches to outdoor wonders, this area is filled with historic and natural attractions that offer exciting opportunities for your next vacation getaway.

Here are just 3 of the best attractions for you to visit in Southwest New Mexico.

1. Spaceport America

Visit the site that has been named as the world’s first commercial spaceport. Set among 18,000 acres in the Southwest New Mexico desert, Spaceport America offers educational opportunities for future space pioneers. The site also provides tours for those interested in learning more about future space exploration. A few of the resident companies at Spaceport America include Virgin Galactic, UP Aerospace, and SpaceX.

Located near the town of Truth or Consequences, Spaceport America visitors will enjoy interactive exhibits like the G-Shock Simulator where you can experience the feeling of rapid acceleration that astronauts go through while being launched in a rocket.

2. Historic Mesilla

Visit an old west historic location while also enjoying authentic Southwestern cuisine in Mesilla, New Mexico. Located just a few miles southwest of Las Cruces, Mesilla is the town where Sheriff Pat Garrett jailed and tried the outlaw Billy the Kid. It is also the home of the Double Eagle Restaurant. Located in a historic building from 1849, the Double Eagle Restaurant includes not only amazing fare like Bistro Cut Sirloin and Duck Parisian, but also features a large assortment of antiques, including the 1,000 lb cast iron and gilded gates from the post Civil War era.

bald eagle

3. Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

Located just south of San Antonio, New Mexico, the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge offers visitors the chance to experience thousands of migratory birds, including snow geese and bald eagles. With plenty of hiking trails and observation points, the wildlife refuge is a great area for birdwatchers and photographers to experience southwestern New Mexico nature at its best.

In November of each year, the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge features the Festival of Cranes with lots of wildlife displays, special tours, and guest speakers. Lodging, RV sites and restaurants are available close by in Socorro. The area also includes art galleries and craft shops for you to explore.

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