The Benefits of Train Travel

We live in a society that offers many different ways to see the world. Usually, people choose to travel across the world by boat, bus, car, plane, or train. Many people seem to overlook train travel because the other modes of transportation seem to be more in their favor. But, what some people miss is that there are many benefits of train travel that might outweigh other means of travel.

Trains go to your exact location – Train stations are usually located in popular cities. This means that it is easy to get on and off at your exact location. Sometimes flights land you in a city that isn’t your destination, because that was the only flight available to get you to where you need to be.

Trains have spacious seating – Not everyone can afford the first class seats on a plane to avoid sitting very close to someone, and sitting in a car or a bus isn’t always comfortable. As opposed to cars, buses and planes, trains offer a lot more space in their seating areas, and most trains have adjustable seats.

Trains have room to move – When you travel by car, bus or plane, you usually have to sit in one spot the entire time. On trains, people are allowed to get up whenever, and move to different carts of the train if they would like.

Trains use less energy – Trains use less energy to get around, less energy than the other modes of transportation at least. If you care about the environment and choose to make environmentally healthy decisions, then you should think about switching to train travel.

Train rides offer scenic views – When traveling by train, people get to enjoy views that they might not be able to see when traveling on other types of transportation. This also gives you the freedom to take pictures of those views since you will be traveling hands free.

Train travel causes less sickness – Not everyone does well flying or road tripping because they tend to get sick. People tend to feel less sick on train rides because they are spacious and steady.

Train travel has no traffic – Since the train is the only thing commuting, there is no need to worry about the 5 o’clock traffic. There is also no need to make a stop to get gas or use the restroom since the train uses other means of fuel and there are bathrooms on the train.

Trains don’t charge for all luggage – You can bring more luggage onto a train than you ever could on a plane for free, and only some trains charge for extra luggage. When you road trip or travel by bus, there is only room for one bag per person, and this limits the amount of luggage you can take with you.

Trains leave on time – You can arrive at about the time your train will take off. You can’t do this at the airport because you have to arrive early to deal with TSA and crowds.

About the Author: Chris is a guest contributor from America by Rail, the leading company for train travel across the United States, Canada and Europe.

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