Benefits to Family Reunions at Beach Resorts

When you’re planning your next family reunion, you may wonder what the next stop is going to be. Three years ago it was the cabins in the woods when half of you got poison ivy. You went to that one amusement park 2 years ago and the moms missed out to take care of their whiny tots. Last year you all visited Grandma’s house and played Bingo nonstop. Looking back on these memories, it may not be encouraging to think about the next “adventure” for the family. However, one great idea may be to visit The Reef Residences at Atlantis or another beach resort. These resorts offer all sorts of advantages if you think about it.

Fun for All

It’s hard to please everyone, from infant to granny. Luckily, a beach resort offers fun for all. It’s set up so there are a variety of activities that everyone can participate in and enjoy. The beach, as described in the next paragraph, offers entertainment and excitement. If you don’t like salt water, you can always hit the pool or the hot tub. Some pools have adult swim so grownups can enjoy the water without the splashing. For the athletes, there are tennis courts, volleyball nets, and basketball hoops set up around the property. Often there are exercise facilities and classes for those who want to avoid putting on weight during vacation. The resort may put on a few activities that are fun for everyone to participate in. If you don’t want to be a part of these activities, you can always crash in your room.


Let’s not leave out the beach. Most kids, babies through teenagers, love going for a swim. The beach allows you to surf, boogie board, play in the waves, and get in boats or other vessels. You may go deep sea fishing or catch fish along the shoreline. You can also build a sand castle, catch some UV rays for an amazing tan, or just read a book or watch others. The beach is beautiful to witness, whether with your camera or the naked eye. Plus, there are many parties going on at night.


The beach resort is your home away from home. Many rooms and condos are set up like apartments you would live in. There is a kitchen, a living room, a dining area, and bedrooms for all guests. With a large group, it may seem like a tight squeeze. Yet the condo will accommodate you in this way, with sleeper sofas, extra blankets and pillows, and couch space. The kitchen and dining room allow you to cook meals from home, although you can always eat out or visit restaurants nearby. The living room is a great social area to meet up with other members of your party. Most places come with at least one large TV and entertainment system. The other rooms may have TVs and DVD players as well. For large gatherings, you may be able to meet in the lobby or rent out a space in a conference room or club house at a resort like The Reef Residences at Atlantis.

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