4 Reasons Why You Should Take a Beach Vacation in the Winter

Let’s face it: most of us in the United States will face a frigid cold winter blast at least once through the months of November through March. That’s a lengthy time of about five months where we might face the brutal results of a blizzard or ice storm. That’s why we’ve always been jealous of the friend who takes vacations during the winter, flies down to Florida for a week, and comes back looking like they spent a summer there. Well, that friend has been right all along–taking a much-needed vacation to warm up and relax. Here’s why escaping the winter and taking a vacation on the beach is exactly just what we all need:

Escape Your Stressful Everyday Routine

Every day, we wake up and go to work or to school. If you’re like many of us in the northern part of the United States, you sometimes have to walk to school (or maybe work) in snow and frigid cold air. A relaxing beach vacation is something that we pretty much fantasize about when walking through a blizzard. A winter escape will take your mind off of stressful everyday routines, like handling issues at work or maybe it’s those endless study hours you need a break from.

Much-Needed Family Time

The great thing about the beach is that it lends itself to countless hours with friends and family. There’s really no end to the list of things you can do. From the swimming to exploring nearby boardwalks and enjoying the sun to shopping in the small local beach town, the list goes on.

Less Tourists

This is more of a “practical” reason why it might be a good idea to head south for a beach vacation this winter. Beaches in the winter regardless are generally less crowded than in the summer. Southern states are not usuually as hot in the winter and most people don’t feel the need to travel in the winter. This makes airline prices cheaper and tourist attractions less crowded.

familybeachforjulBeautiful Weather, Less Humid

In the winter, southern states experience less humidity and hot temperatures. Generally speaking, these states, such as Florida, George, Virginia, and South Carolina, are roughly in the 70’s, a comfortable warm temperature. The weather is the most beautiful during the winter months, too. Heavy storms are usually at a minimum and beaches are calm and relaxing.

It truly doesn’t matter what reason influences you to take a winter escape and enjoy some needed time on the beach; all that matters is that if you choose to treat you and your family to some relaxation this winter, it’s well-deserved.

About the Author: Tim is a guest contributor from Beachside Getaway, providing vacation rentals in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

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