Why Americans Need to Travel By Train More

If Americans were to look at outside countries, they would notice that they are one of the few places that don’t rely on train travel too often. Why? Could it be because most of our trains are used for company transportation instead of travel reasons? Could it be that most Americans travel by car instead of train? Whatever the case, here are five reasons Americans should start to travel by train more.

Other countries have embraced train travel

Japan has their bullet train that is one of the fastest trains in the world.  China, France, and Spain also use trains as one of their popular forms of public transportation. This could be because these places are smaller with more people, unlike America. But, Americans always rave about how well the train systems in Europe and China are.

Travel time could be cut shorter

This depends on where you are going and how fast the train is going. But, in Japan, their train cuts down travel time a lot compared to how long it takes to travel by plane to the same location. Imagine traveling from one end of the state to another faster than any other plane could and cheaper than any plane ticket to the same destination.

Major American cities are jumping on board to trains

New York and California already use train travel as one of their main means of travel. According to an image by Vox, people ride Amtrak in popular cities like New York, DC, and Philadelphia.

Traveling by plane has become annoying for some

It seems as if every year, traveling by plane gets more complicated. The TSA comes out with more restrictions on what you can and can’t take with you on the plane. Having to pay extra for your luggage is also annoying and can be expensive if you are travelling with family. Most train companies don’t charge for extra luggage!

Train travel is safer than traveling by car

You are more likely to die while riding a motorcycle, bike, car, bus, or ferry, or walking than you are by riding a plane, according to an article by The American Prospect. The casualties that happen in train crashes are unlikely to happen, and they are usually caused in strange ways.

This guest post is contributed by America by Rail, a company that provides train travel all over the United States.

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