5 Wine Tours to Take in Napa Valley

If you’re visiting Napa Valley, California, then expect to drink wine at every meal. While you’ll see miles and miles of vineyards while visiting Napa Valley, you can expect to try a variety of fresh wines made directly in California. Wine tours are a must when visiting Napa Valley, while there are a lot of wine tour options, here are the best ones to take:

Napa Valley Wine Trolley

San Francisco cable cars are a popular tourist attraction, and you probably didn’t know you could taste wine while riding one! Napa Valley Wine Trolley prides itself in a truly scenic wine experience. Guests not only get the opportunity to try a variety of wines, they also get the chance to enjoy the scenery via trolley. Each tour includes wine tasting at Napa Valley wineries and a catered lunch.

If you are looking for a casual wine tour, this one is a must!

Napa Valley Wine Train

The Napa Valley Wine Train offers a full list of services to meet your wine tasting needs. From seasonal Sanata Trains to the Gourmet Express, this excursion can be both for families or adults only. The train is a Napa restaurant that provides an authentic wine tour experience you can’t find anywhere else in the valley. On the train, there are two engines, three kitchens, and a collection of early 20th century Pullman rail cars restored to their original design.

Nape Valley Bike Tours

Napa Valley Bikes Tours takes riders throughout Napa Valley with more than 40 wineres within 5 miles from the tour driveway. There are self-guided tours where you can take your time exploring the valley and the various wineries, or group tours to keep your day going.

Wine & Dine Tours

Wine & Dine Tours is a company the provides numerous wine tour services, with Wine & Dine being their most popular. They provide services that not only include wine tours, but also Wine Country culinary tours, helicopter tours, sunrise ballooning, and a variety of other activities like croquet and golf tournaments. Some other tours include safaris, bi-plane rides, wine cave feasts, and picnics in a Napa Valley vineyard.

Midnight Li7c36dd4c4c141d7cf7d76c874b7a0520mousine & Wine Tours

If you are looking for an upscale wine tour, then enjoy wine tasting in luxury with a limo. Midnight Limo offers a variety of services, includin wine tours both during the day and evening. You can set your own tour schedule, lunch or picnic, and enjoy wine tasting all throughout the tour.

About the Author: Jake is a guest contributor from Wine Country Inn, a Napa Valley bed and breakfast, offering vacation packages and specials, including guided wine tours.

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