5 Perks of Traveling By Train

Like most people, I usually fly when I am traveling, mainly because it’s the most normal mode of transportation and relatively easy. However, I used to be train girl when I was young and would travel to Chicago regularly with my mother and grandmother to visit family. I just recently rediscovered the amazing benefits of train travel over airplanes when I opted for a cheaper train ride to Chicago than the overly expensive last minute flight. Here are five perks that train travel has over other transportation and why you should convert from planes to trains.

1. Packing is EASY

One thing I am really bad at is packing and all the airline restrictions only amplifies that trait. However, while packing for a train ride I found that packing was immediately easier. First you don’t have to worry about rules like liquid restrictions. On a train you can bring as much shampoo or conditioner as you want. You dont have measure out smaller bottles or rely on the hotel brand stuff that often smells like a bad hospital bath. On an airplane food and drinks aren’t allowed, but on trains you can pack a lunch and bring as much water as you want. Another major perk.

2. Seat Yourself

The restrictive seating on airlines means getting stuck next to that one snoring, smelly guy, or a screaming baby that hasn’t had its nap. On a train, if you get there early enough you have first pick on any seat you want. You like window seats, perfect. If you want to sit up front so you can exit quicker, even better. Of if you arrive a little later you can size up the already seated patrons and choose someone low maintenance that won’t bother you during the hours of traveling.

3. Ample Time To Relax

Trains often take a little longer than planes in terms of travel time, but are perfect for relaxing and getting work done that you probably otherwise would have put off. Also, delays on trains are much better than airline delays. At the airport if your connecting flight is delayed you have to find a spot and sit and wait. On trains, the rare delays allows for you to remain comfortable in your original seat and continue working.


As of recently many trains now offer free WiFi to passengers. Instead of having to pay extra for shotty WiFi during a flight, train travel offers these amenities for free. It may not be the best WiFi but hey if it works it works!

5. Dining Cart

The dining cart is one of my favorite parts of traveling by train. The dining cart is a romantic little getaway with actual tables set up like a real restaurant. Any passenger is invited to order from their menus of delicious food and drinks.

About the Author: Francesca is a guest contributor from America By Rail, the leader in rail tours and train vacations.

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